Ways To Get Involved


Getting involved is easy, fun, and a great way to get connected.

You can compete:

Amateurs and Pros are welcomed. We are not sanctioned, so everyone is invited to jump in, participate, and simply have a good time. Give it a go! It’s all about bringing the community together for food, fun, and your BBQ Creativity. Learn more about competing here.

Become A Team or Chef’s Table Sponsor or form a team of your own:

We love sponsors! You can help someone who wishes to enter cover their entrance fee and the cost of the meat by partnering with others or forming a team of your own!

Sponsor A Prize Category:

We’re looking for businesses and sponsors to donate to our Smokin’ Hot winners! If you’d like to help contact us and let us know! Sponsors can also have their very own table at the Chef’s Table event.


Are you a family friendly musician or band? We need a few good entertainers to appeal to a diverse and family friendly audience. Contact us to see if we still have openings if you’re interested in volunteering! We’d love to talk to you!

Volunteer for set up, clean up, or as an errand person. Your man or woman power is needed! We have volunteers from private small businesses, corporations, the city, civic organizations willing to jump in to a good cause, high school and college students, families, and more.

You’re welcome to join us, and we’d love to serve this community along side you.

Have another idea? Let us know!

To inquire about volunteering or getting involved in this fun and exciting Fall event, contact us now. Today is the perfect day to get involved.

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