Competitors and Teams:

Mark your calendars for Friday and Saturday, September 30 and October 1, 2016.

Grab some friends or coworkers, form a team, and show us your BBQ skills!

Participate in The Chef’s Table!

The Chef’s Table is a Friday night private event that your team may opt to participate in. It’s optional and not required. It is a private event for corporate/sponsored tables of 6 people. You will choose your table’s menu, provide food and serving supplies (plates, utensils, cups, napkings, etc.), and cook and serve a meal at your table. Meal time is 6:30pm. You will get $60 reimbursed for the cost of your table’s food AND save $40 off your competition entry fees. Reimbursements for food will be given at the event or you may choose to donate it to the Downtown Hutchinson Kiwanis Club.

Who can compete in the Competition?

The competition heats up Saturday and you can participate. It’s open to anyone! Amateurs and those just wanting to have fun are more than welcome to jump in and get their grills hot as well as those who compete professionally. This event is just plain fun! DEADLINE for entry is September 15, 2016.

You will sell generous samples of your meat product after you submit your entries for judging. BBQ tasting tickets are $1. Tastings are 1 ticket per sample. Ribs are 2 tickets. You will supply 100 samples of each meat category you compete in. At the end of the event, you may turn in your tasting tickets and collect 40 cents per ticket. You may keep it or donate it to the Downtown Kiwanis Club to use for their service projects that benefit the local youth.

Learn more about this Kiwanis BBQ fundraiser and the projects it supports here.

How Do I Register?

    1. Submit your online application BELOW. (bottom of page) Or print a paper application here.
    2. Download and review the BBQ Competition Rules.
    3. Submit your registration fee of $40 per meat group, $120 for all three meat groups (if you are participating in the Chef’s Table Friday evening, you will take $$ off your registration fee.

Payments and applications:

Please make your entry fee check payable to Kiwanis Club of Downtown Hutchinson
Please submit your Application Form and check to:
-Ron Klassen at Hayes Sight and Sound or Greg Payton at Payton Optical (downtown)
-Bob Ross at DCI (Data Center Inc) leave at reception desk or call 620-727-5141

When and where is the event? Friday and Saturday, September 30 and October 1, 2016. The happenings will be held at DCI Park, downtown Hutchinson. See a map here.

What do I need to bring?

Just a quick glimpse:

  • Tent or portable awning if you want one.
  • Cooking utensils.
  • Meats (participants provide the meats for your categories. If you’d like you may purchase your meat and save at Jackson Meats )
  • Tables, chairs, condiments, seasonings, anything you’ll need for preparation and clean up.
  • Decorations for your space (if you wish).
  • An assistant or team members to help you get your submissions ready for the judges and serve tasting samples.
  • There will be no vehicles or trailers allowed on the grass or in the park area. Your equipment must fit in your designated BBQ space.
  • Alcohol will be available for purchase in designated areas. NO ALCOHOLIC beverages may be brought in by cooking teams or any other person. This will be strictly enforced. Any violation of city ordinances and laws will result in team disqualification and referral to law-enforcement.

Judging Times

12 Noon Chicken

1pm Ribs

2pm Pork

3pm Brisket

Submit Your Registration Online!

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